Businesses often implement strict data security policies due to the increased threat of data breaches. Data erasure is an essential step in any data security plan. Total Technology Results (TOTAL) offers a full variety of data erasure procedures to fit your organization’s needs. We provide secure and comprehensive solutions to help eliminate data vulnerabilities.

Managing end-of-life data can be a significant undertaking. Data erasure isn’t as easy as pressing a delete button. It takes time and the proper resources. Our data erasure solutions are designed to protect your most sensitive data, regardless of device type. We mitigate our clients’ risk by ensuring complete data security. TOTAL follows a strict process to increase your level of protection and lower any potential risk.


• Hard drives
• Smartphones
• Memory chips
• USB drives
• External storage
• Transmitters and pagers
• Badges and IDs
• Medical devices
• Industry-specific equipment
• Copier hard drives

Data security compliance means following the rules and having evidence to prove it. We take our procedure a step further and provide certification of your data’s erasure. A Certificate of Data Security is offered to all of our clients free of charge. We also provide premium data security services such as data erasure reports and on or off-site hard drive shredding at an additional cost.

Data security is our top priority. At TOTAL, we take data security very seriously. We have the processes and industry standards down to a science. All assets are securely wiped of proprietary information in compliance with NIST SP 800-88 standards.

If your data is too sensitive to leave your location, we can help. Our technicians will travel to your site to provide secure data destruction on any device. Our on-site data erasure service can be utilized for classified data or highly sensitive business data, which cannot leave your facility.