Technology is rapidly evolving, and device lifespans are shrinking. As a result, the field of ITAD is more complex than ever before. At Total Technology Results (TOTAL), we help our customers work toward a cycle of financial sustainability through IT asset disposition. TOTAL partners with organizations worldwide to maximize the residual value of their devices. Our ITAD process helps supplement the cost of their new technology fleet while properly recycling the retired devices.

We are an industry leader in comprehensive ITAD support with clients around the globe. Our team takes pride in being a transparent, ethical ITAD company that genuinely cares about our customers and partner organizations. Our goal is to act as a trusted long-term partner to ensure that your technology objectives are adequately managed. We work closely with you to find an ITAD solution that meets all of your requirements and needs.

Certain technology becomes obsolete the day it sells. Other devices retain value because of factors like dependability and brand loyalty. On occasion, a processor or board has more value than the sum of its parts.

Our team has decades of ITAD expertise, and the industry know-how to increase our ROI. We analyze factors such as saturation, sales trends, seasonality, and innovation to determine the re-marketability of your retired technology. As a result, we maximize the residual value of your IT assets. We determine the most valuable option for our customers, whether the next step is online sales, wholesale markets, or ethical recycling.

You can count on TOTAL to be honest and upfront about the condition of your assets.

We provide ethical and transparent ITAD solutions to organizations looking to generate maximum revenue from their retired electronics. We offer valuable insight and intelligence to the post-manufacturing cycle. This process ensures maximum transparency for our clients.

In our auditing process, we evaluate each piece for system and cosmetic condition. Each item is thoroughly tested by our technicians to verify functionality. Any non-working items will be diagnosed and repaired if economically feasible. Any non-repairable units will have valuable parts harvested, and the remaining components will be recycled responsibly.

According to the EPA, over two million tons of electronic waste goes to landfills throughout the country. This figure represents a growing number of businesses in need of a way to properly dispose of this equipment.

Many cities around the world have placed strict bans on electronic waste. Our ITAD program makes it simple for business and education organizations to properly dispose of their current electronics while earning money towards their new technology fleet.