Small and medium-sized businesses often lease tech equipment instead of buying it outright. Leasing makes economic sense for SMBs. IT equipment is kept up to date, and a fixed monthly payment is much easier to manage for most organizations. However, after the lease terminates, organizations are faced with a tech dilemma.

Not only is the return of leased equipment a significant undertaking, but it can put your data at risk. A lease buyout is a responsible solution for both your budget and data. Total Technology Results (TOTAL) is an ITAD partner with a comprehensive lease buyout program for organizations of all sizes. We will buy any off-lease electronic hardware that still holds market value.

As a leading ITAD company, we address data security concerns, so your information remains safe. Your off-lease equipment assigned for sale undergoes a strict data sanitization procedure ensuring your company’s sensitive information is wiped off the hard drives and protected from unanticipated data breaches.

• Assist with the proper disposition
• Recycle obsolete assets
• Guarantee your data compliance
• Recover residual value from your retired assets
• Realize even more funds for your business

With a lease, your payments are based on the capitalized cost instead of its residual value. The lower the residual value, the more expensive your lease becomes. We maximize the residual value of our customers’ devices. Organizations who have previously leased their devices have found that a partnership with TOTAL provides better value when compared to leasing.

We provide organizations with equipment projections so buyers can make informed, strategic decisions when selling retired assets and acquiring new tech. With ITAD services, TOTAL helps customers determine when to purchase new devices and how to approach the process.

We aim to maximize the residual value of future devices by determining the best time to initiate the buyback process. When it comes time to your fleet, TOTAL is here to help. We pay organizations all over the world for their existing tech products and retired IT assets. This buyout helps to supplement the cost of their new technology and equipment. That way, your organization can afford outright purchases instead of opting for leases.